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Man With Most Marriages Dies Alone

Who has been married the most times? King Henry VIII (six times), film star Elizabeth Taylor (eight times), and TV actress Zsa Zsa Gabor (nine times) would be top candidates. However, little-known Glynn “Scotty” Wolfe would easily claim the title of the world’s most married person by eclipsing all three combined.

Starting at age twenty-two, Wolfe married twenty-nine times. Some of the marriages ended in days, while other lasted years. What fueled his insatiable yearning to move on?

Those who have studied Wolfe from a psychological perspective suggest that as soon as he committed to a person, he experienced varying degrees of remorse. His marriage would experience bumps in the relational road, and he’d start looking for other options.

How did his life end? Though he reportedly fathered over forty children, and many of his ex-spouses were still living, he died alone and penniless. His lifeless body--with a tattoo of a tied knot on his forearm--went unclaimed in the county morgue for months.

Source: Moreland and Muehlhoff, The God Conversation: Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith (IVP, 2017), Page 152

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