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Roller Coaster Rider Catches Neighbor's Phone During Ride

Samuel Kempf was in Spain representing New Zealand in the Fistballing World Championship when he took a break to ride a rollercoaster. While he was on the ride, he showed off his considerable coordination and fist skills.

During the beginning of the ride, Kempf noticed that another man had dropped his phone on the floor of his car. Because of the ride’s safety restraints, he was unable to pick it up. While pointing out the man’s predicament, Kempf joked to his brother and others around him that they should “get ready to catch.” Sure enough, that’s exactly what he did.

Kempf said, “The ride started and I totally forgot about it because I was just in the moment. And then after the first drop we rose up and I just saw the phone drift across my view, so I reached out and managed to catch it.”

After the ride, Kempf reached out to give the grateful man his phone back, and was surprised to find that the ride’s reaction video apparatus had recorded his miraculous catch. As a token of gratitude, the man purchased the video memento.

Potential Preaching Angles: Even things that seem like blind luck are within God's control, because God is sovereign and all-powerful and rules of all things and people. That said, both the righteous and the unrighteous suffer setbacks and triumphs alike. God's ways are not always completely understandable to mortals like ourselves.

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