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Man Sues Popeyes Over Chicken Sandwich Outage

A man is suing the restaurant chain Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen after they ran out of their popular new chicken sandwich. Craig Barr is suing Popeyes for “false advertising” and “deceptive business practices by entity to public.”

The popularity of Popeyes new chicken sandwich was fueled by a viral social media campaign. According to an official statement, Popeyes acknowledged that public demand for the sandwiches exceeded their projections, and led to a nationwide shortage of sandwich inventory.

The shortage created an opening for enterprising hustlers promising to provide starved consumers with previously-purchased sandwiches at an exorbitant markup. Barr says he paid one such sandwich broker, but the individual reneged on the deal, exacerbating his mental and emotional distress. Barr told reporters, “I can’t get happy; I have this sandwich on my mind. I can’t think straight. It just consumes you.”

In the filing, Barr also included the phrase “countless time wasted” as part of his grievance against the fried chicken chain. Unfortunately for Barr, the time it takes for his lawsuit to proceed through the legal system is likely to outweigh the time he spent waiting for a chicken sandwich.

Potential preaching angles: 1) Lawsuits - Don't be so quick to seek justice through formal means. If you can, try to resolve your dispute peacefully and quickly, lest it cause you more trouble than it solves. 2) Focus; Foolishness; Meaning of life; Priorities - People are too caught up in the minor things of life while life and death matters are ignored.

Source: Mike Walters, “Man Sue Popeyes Chicken Over Sold Out Chicken Sandwiches, ‘I Can't Get Happy’” Source (8-13-19)

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