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Depression Is Often the Fast Lane to Self-Destruction

The suicides that happen daily rarely make national news. But when a celebrity commits suicide, it's international news. It hits the headlines because, in one sense, it doesn't make sense. Riches, success, and fame don't add up to suicide. They don't even add up to depression. But depression is undoubtedly the fast lane on the high­way that so often leads to the place of self-destruction.

Here are just some of the celebrities who tragically took their own lives:

-Anthony Bourdain, age 61. Anthony, chef and best known for his show "No Reservations," died from suicide on June 8, 2018.

-Kate Spade, age 55. Kate Spade was an iconic fashion designer and mother who died by hanging in her Manhattan, New York, apartment on June 5, 2018.

-Chester Bennington, age 41. Chester Bennington was the lead singer of Linkin Park and hanged himself July 20, 2017.

-Chris Cornell, age 52. Chris Cornell was the lead singer of Soundgarden who died by hanging in 2017.

-Aaron Hernandez, age 27. Former NFL star who died by hanging in his jail cell in 2017.

-Robin Williams' apparent suicide has put a spotlight on the dark side of comedy. Williams, like comedians John Belushi and Chris Farley, lived with long-term depression and addiction. Experts say these mental illnesses are no laughing matter.

Ray Comfort, The Final Curtain, (New Leaf Press, 2018), pgs. 7-8

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