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Seafaring Homesteaders in Hiding from Maritime Authorities

A Bitcoin trader and his girlfriend embraced a movement known as “seasteading,” where enthusiasts either retrofit or build floating homes in the middle of the ocean. Seasteaders envision them as independent-living platforms outside the reach of national governments. Unfortunately for them, the government of Thailand disagreed, and dispatched several vessels from the Royal Thai Navy to disassemble and/or tow the structure back to shore.

Rear Admiral Vithanarat Kochaseni told reporters. “The couple announced on social media declaring their autonomy beyond the jurisdiction of any courts or law of any countries, including Thailand.” He added that they had invited others to join them. "We see such action as deteriorating Thailand's independence,"

After facing potential arrest, Chad Elwartowski and Supranee Thepdet went into hiding. However, Elwartowski did elaborate on his position to The Arizona Republic. “They say we want to build nations off the coast of Thailand but I personally do not like the idea of nations in the first place and saw it as more of a way to get away from such things and just have communities of freedom-loving individuals."

Potential preaching angles: 1) Authority; Government - God gives proper authority to those tasked with enforcing the law, so it’s our duty as believers to obey. 2) Community; Independence; Isolation - People are not meant to live in complete isolation. Even though community can be a hassle, it can also be a great joy.

Panu Wongcha-um, “Thai navy tows floating home of fugitive U.S. 'seasteader',” MSN.com (4-22-19)

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