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Florida ATM Thieves Foiled by Thermodynamics

Two enterprising wannabe burglars are probably vowing to watch fewer action movies, and instead do more research on the tools of their trade. Local police say that video surveillance footage shows two burglars attempting to cut open an automatic teller machine (ATM) using a blowtorch. And if all you know about crime is what you watch in heist movies, this is a sensible approach. In such movies, blowtorches are a common tool in breaching seemingly impenetrable surfaces, like the metal casing of an ATM.

Unfortunately, their attempt did not go according to plan. Rather than cutting it open, the blowtorch melted the metal, welding the hinges shut. The crowbar-wielding accomplice was left with nothing to do, and the pair quickly left in shame.

Potential preaching angles: Just as these thieves could not breach the ATM, so it is true that Satan cannot breach God’s love for us. The enemy attacks our weakest points, but that weakness is turned to strength when we depend on God. God's faithfulness is displayed when he protects us in the trials we endure.

“Florida thief takes blowtorch to ATM, welds it shut instead” APNews (6-5-19)

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