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Parisian Nudist Restaurant to Close

The proprietors of O’Naturel made headlines in December of 2017 when they offered a premiere dining experience to patrons willing to dine in the buff. But in the end, it was their lack of clientele that was exposed.

Despite not being nudists themselves, twins Mike and Stephane Saada set out to provide a gourmet dining experience for the nudist community (also known as naturists), providing delicacies like fois gras, snails, or lobster for affordable prices. Servers and restaurant staff remained clothed, but did their best to provide a welcoming atmosphere for their patrons.

Nevertheless, the effort came empty, O’Naturel failed to attract enough paying customers, and so the Saada brothers recently announced via Facebook that the restaurant would be closing in February of 2019. They have not released any financial documentation, but speculation is rampant that the duo may have lost their shirt on the investment.

Potential Preaching Angles:

We are made in God’s image, but because of sin and brokenness, we have shame associated with our bodies. Even though we don’t have to be ashamed of our bodies, it’s normal to reserve full access to the context of marriage.


Sara M Moniuszko, “The first nudist restaurant in Paris is closing after just over a year,” USA Today (1-10-19)

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