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Broadway Star Improvises Rebuke to Amateur Videographer

Most fans of the Broadway musical Hamilton would love to get a shout-out on social media from the creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. But recently a woman got one in person, during the show itself. But it probably wasn’t the kind she’d been dreaming of.

Miranda, who wrote the book and starred in the leading role during its 2015 run on Broadway, recently reprised the role for a benefit production of Hamilton in his native Puerto Rico. After one of the shows, Miranda relayed on his Twitter feed a moment of improvisation that was sparked by something he saw in the crowd. Every theatergoer receives a generic warning that the use of recording devices is prohibited, but apparently one woman needed a reminder.

His rewritten lyrics: “I’m a get a scholarship to King’s College / I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish / LADY FILMING IN THE FOURTH ROW, PLEASE STOP IT.”

Amid the kudos he received for his ad-hoc admonishment, he acknowledged the mental strain it took for him to respond that quickly, in rhythm. “Having to think that fast within ‘My Shot’ takes a year off my life, please just enjoy the show.”

Though the amateur bootlegger was never officially identified, she’ll likely think twice the next time she has the urge to record a public performance with her phone.

Sometimes after the lights go down, people are still watching.

Potential Preaching Angles:

If you ignore the warnings that God gives you privately, don’t be surprised when you are rebuked in public. The deeds that we do in the dark still find their way into the light.


Tom Gerken, “Lin-Manuel Miranda raps fan for filming ‘Hamilton,’” BBC (1-17-19)

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