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Gender Reveal Party Marred by Accidental Death

Friends and relatives of the Kreimeyer family gathered for a gender reveal party. But tragedy struck when the improvised explosive device accidentally killed their grandmother. Pamela Kreimeyer, 56, was killed by a piece of shrapnel that flew off when the party apparatus exploded on cue. According to the Marion County sheriff’s department, several family members decided to place gunpowder in the bottom of a homemade stand welded to a metal base plate. The tubing also included blue colored powder to represent the baby’s gender.

Unfortunately, when they placed tape over the top of the metal tubing they inadvertently created a pipe bomb. Marion County sheriff spokesman Jason Sandholdt said, “This is a reminder that anytime someone mixes these things there is a high potential for serious injury or death. Please do not take these unnecessary risks.”

Possible Preaching Angles: We must go about our activities with carefulness, for we don't always know what dangers are ahead. We shouldn't behave in fear, but we should count the cost of our ideas and activities, lest we suffer the consequences.

Source: Eliott C. McLaughlin, “Partygoers thought they'd built a clever gender reveal device. It turned out to be a deadly pipe bomb,” CNN (10-28-19)

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