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The Universe is a Physical Expression of God’s Perfection

Physicist Sean Carroll is a professor at the California Institute of Technology. In a recent interview on NPR, he marvels at the breathtaking number of 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy and the 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe. What amazes him more is that at the theoretical Big Bang, everything had to be just right. Just a few atoms out of place and there would have been no birth to the known universe. “It's a delicate arrangement. It's a clue that the early universe is not chosen randomly. There is something that made it that way. We would like to know what.”

Notice how Carroll can’t help implying that the universe looks like it was created. But Carroll is an atheist, so how does he explain the appearance of creation? He basically says, Yes, the universe looks really fine-tuned. As a matter of fact, it looks too fine-tuned and orderly. So it must not have been created. Here are his exact words:

There's something called the teleological argument (that intelligent design argues for the existence of a supernatural creator). This says that features of our universe, if they were very different, wouldn't have allowed for us human beings to exist. But (in) the early universe … the problem is not just it was quite orderly, but it was really way more orderly than it needed to be for us to be here … If you really want to make this argument that the universe is set up to allow for the existence of life or humanity or something like that, the early universe is overkill.

Possible Preaching Angles: If you’re determined not to believe in a Creator God, you can always find a reason to reject him.

Host Guy Raz, “Why Does Time Exist?” TED Radio Hour, (6-19-15)

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