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Popular Actress Seeks Answer for Her Fear of Death

Amanda Peet (born 1972) is an American actress who has appeared in film, stage, and television. She appeared on "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert and put him into a very awkward moment. Things got real, when Colbert asked Peet about her HBO show Togetherness. On the show, many of the characters struggle through midlife crises.

Stephen Colbert: "You've got a lovely life. What do you know from the mid-life crisis, is this a stretch for you?"

Amanda Peet: "No! Forty-four is … quite something."

SC: "You don't look like a personal crisis to me. What is your crisis?"

AP: "I fear death!"

SC: "Okay. … Well … Keep it light. We all die. It's the late night talk show, keep it light, keep it light. Maybe you'll go to heaven. You'll die and go the heaven."

AP: "Okay. That's where I need help. You're Catholic, right? I'm Jewish."

SC: "What do you believe?"

AP: "I need to know what to believe in!"

SC: "Like, what happens when you die?"

AP: "Yes. I don't want to be a bag of dust!"

SC: "I don't really know ... I don't know what happens. I kind of believe, I kind of want the pearly gates and all that.

AP: "This is not inspirational."

SC: "Not helping?"

Source: Ray Comfort, “The Final Curtain” (New Leaf Press, 2018), pg. 89-90

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