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Keanu Reeves’ Morbid Thoughts

Keanu Reeves has been thinking a lot about death, said Alex Pappademas in Sometimes, the actor, 54, sits in his Hollywood Hills home and wonders if it’s the house he’s going to die in. Reeves says, “I didn’t think about that when I was 40.”

Despite having been paid more than $350 million during his film career, he also wonders if at any point he will feel secure enough to take his foot off the gas and be content to just enjoy his life and make fewer films.

“I haven’t really thought about my career future, or what was going to happen, until really recently,” he says, transitioning into a story about Anthony Quinn. He was working with the two-time Oscar winner on the movie A Walk in the Clouds in 1995, six years before Quinn’s death. Quinn, he says, was “always on the phone,” checking to see “if he’d booked this or that.” One day, Reeves asked Quinn, “Is it always going to be like this?” Quinn told the younger actor that it would be. “There’s this idea that, like, at some point you’re going to be set,” Reeves says. “And then maybe there won’t be so much working on working. It just struck me that this gentleman, this legend, at 80 …” He trails off. “Whoa.”

Source: Alex Pappademas, “The Legend of Keanu Reeves” (4-15-19)

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