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Skier Falls through Ice, But Firefighters Were Prepared

In December 2018, all of the approximately 400 St. Paul firefighters trained for ice rescues. The department’s firefighters usually respond to a couple of ice rescues each winter and practicing for them is important because, if someone is in the icy water, time is of the essence.

Less than two hours after St. Paul firefighters completed ice rescue training this month, they were called on to put their practice into action. A cross-country skier fell through the ice on McCarrons Lake in Roseville, and St. Paul firefighters got him to safety.

Tom McDonough, St. Paul deputy fire chief of training, said, “The new firefighter who actually went in the water to effect the rescue, said the training that day was the first time he had been in the water with the ice rescue suit doing those maneuvers.”

Possible Preaching Angle: Evangelism; Preparation; Witnessing; Soul Winning – Believers should also train in using the gospel and be prepared at any time to rescue the perishing since time is also of the essence.

Mara H. Gottfried, “Cross-country skier falls through ice, but St. Paul firefighters were prepared,” Twin Cities Pioneer Press, December 13, 2018.

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