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Famous Chef Shuts Down Restaurant to Stop and Reflect

Spanish chef Andoni Luis Aduriz is considered one of Spain's most influential and creative chefs and restaurateurs. His restaurant, Mugaritz, has been ranked by Restaurant.com as the fourth best restaurant in the world and his kitchen credited with some of the most revolutionary advances in the culinary world. Chef Andoni was recently featured as a judge on Episode Two of Netflix's “The Final Table.” He spoke about his quest for innovation and described an unorthodox approach to his work—closing his restaurant for a third of the year.

"We close the restaurant [Mugaritz] for four months a year. We realize that if we wanted to do something truly important we have to stop, reflect, and discover new ideas."

Possible Preaching Angles: This is a good reminder for all of us about the need for rest and taking a Sabbath to create space to hear the Lord.

Netflix's "The Final Table," Episode Two, Season One

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