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Reckless Driver Arrested After Ignoring Speeding Citation

Police cited a woman for speeding, hoping it would help her to slow down in the immediate future. Their hopes were in vain.

Deputies with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department pulled over Chauntl Wilson for driving her yellow 2018 Ford Mustang over the speed limit, clocking her at 92 miles per hour when the limit was 75. However, after issuing the citation and letting her go, the deputies were surprised when she "accelerated very rapidly" and was shortly clocked again at a speed of 142 miles per hour, almost double the legal limit.

After engaging her in a pursuit, Wilson initially resisted, then eventually relented, and was eventually arrested and charged with willful reckless driving. Police also recovered a small amount of marijuana, which could result in further charges.

Potential Preaching Angle: Making a mistake is bad, but it's so much worse when we already know what is right but refuse to do it. Our knowledge of the truth makes us accountable for living it out with our actions.

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