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Police Chief Aghast at Son's Involvement in Hate Crime

A small town police chief spoke at a public forum about preventing hate violence. Hours later, he discovered that his son is a suspect in a hate crime.

The area had been rocked by a recent spate of attacks on Sikhs, including the beating of a 71-year-old man named Singh Natt by two teen assailants in nearby Manteca. Union City Police Chief Darryl McAllister had been speaking to members of the local Sikh community, trying to engage them in strategies in violence avoidance.

The next day, chief McAllister left the following words as part of a note on the department's official Facebook page: "It is not that often that I find myself sharing with the general public issues that pertain to my personal family life. I feel it is a MUST that this be one of those rare occasions."

After recapping the details of the attack, he continued: "I am completely disgusted in sharing with you that, later yesterday evening, I received a call from the Manteca PD that the suspect in this horrific crime turns out to (be) my 18-year-old son."

Tyrone McAllister, who was reportedly estranged from his police chief father, was taken into custody and charged with attempted robbery, elder abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon, in connection with the attack. Manteca police were able to locate him after his father provided relevant information.

In the statement, Chief McAllister also wrote that he and his family were "shaken to the core."

Potential Preaching Angles: (1) Holiness; Character; Discipleship; RacismAs God's children are we reflecting his character in all that we do? Or is there a glaring inconsistency between who God is and who we are?(This illustration especially focuses on God's character about racism.) (2) Fathers; FatherhoodA father's (or a parent's) core beliefs do not automatically filter down to his children. Of course this is not to blame parents for their children's behavior, but as father's we must be vigilant in teaching our children well.

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