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Parrot Owner Embarrassed by Profane Response to Rescue Attempt

After three days of unsuccessful attempts to lure her pet parrot, Jessie, off the roof of her home, a London resident called for help, first from an animal welfare agency, and then from firefighters. When the London Fire Brigade arrived on the scene, Jessie gave them a nasty surprise.

"****-off," she reportedly said.

Watch manager Chris Swallow explained the firefighters' protocol for the animal rescue.

"Our crew manager was the willing volunteer who went up the ladder to try and bring Jessie down. We were told that to bond with the parrot, you have to tell her 'I love you', which is exactly what the crew manager did. While Jessie responded 'I love you' back, we then discovered that she had a bit of a foul mouth and kept swearing, much to our amusement."

As it turned out, Jessie was fine. After a few minutes interacting with the crew manager, the Macaw parrot flew off, first to another roof and then onto a tree.

Embarrassed by her parrot's conduct, Jessie's owner uploaded to Twitter a video of her pet saying "Thank you."

Potential Preaching Angle: Ungratefulness can be a habit that spreads, even to those whom we think are not paying attention. Gratitude, on the other hand, is always useful, even when it's late.

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