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What Happens When Kids Choose Between Gifts And Giving?

It’s a common assumption that kids today care more about getting than giving. But in an emotional, viral video kids show that while they may love Lego sets and Xbox gaming systems, they love their parents a whole lot more.

In the video, children from low-income backgrounds are presented with a gift for themselves and a gift for their parent. Then they were told they must choose between the two. Video maker Rob Bliss says 80 percent of the kids he interviewed chose to give their parents a gift instead of keeping the toys they were offered.

Aaron Freeman, 9, is shown deliberating between keeping Minecraft Lego sets for himself or jewelry for his mother. It only takes a moment before Aaron knows his answer. “Legos don’t matter,” he says confidently in the video. “Your family matters—not Legos, not toys—your family. So, it’s either family or Legos, and I choose family.”

“These kids really don’t have much,” said Bliss. “One of them told me how they don’t have a Christmas tree because things have been tough financially for his family. Getting the gift he wants for Christmas is likely to be slim. So, to be faced with the gift he always wanted but never got, and still picking the gift for his family instead is amazing.

One parent said, “We were touched by the selflessness displayed by our kids.” These moments reaffirm that even though they are young, they can still drive positive change through acts of kindness and generosity.”


Terri Peters, “Touching Video Shows What Happens When Kids Choose Between Gifts And Giving?,” Today.com (11-30-16)

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