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Novelist Arrested After Writing How-to-Murder-Husband Essay

Nancy Crampton-Brophy, self-published romance novelist, had been married to Daniel Brophy, culinary chef, for more than 25 years. When her husband was killed in a shooting, it shattered their local community. But in a surprising twist, police arrested her for the murder.

The arrest of Nancy Crampton-Brophy for her husband’s murder sparked a renewed scrutiny of her previous works of fiction, many of which had storylines revolving around spousal murder.

One previous essay, published on the blog “See Jane Publish” but since been taken down, was called “How to Murder Your Husband.” And in a different post on the same blog, Crampton-Brophy wrote:

My husband and I are both on our second (and final—trust me!) marriage. We vowed, prior to saying ‘I do,’ that we would not end in divorce. We did not, I should note, rule out a tragic drive-by shooting or a suspicious accident.

Local law enforcement has been especially tight-lipped about the potential motive for the killing, saying they don’t want to jeopardize an ongoing investigation.

“It’s a big shock. It’s a big shock,” Daniel Brophy’s mother, Karen Brophy, said of her daughter-in-law’s arrest. “But we’re not making any statements.”

Potential Preaching Angles: Our thoughts and words are often precursors to action. If we want to live righteously, we must think, speak, and write with righteousness in mind.


Meagan Flynn, “Novelist who wrote about ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ charged with murdering her husband,” The Washington Post (9-12-18)

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