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High School Football Coach Chooses Team Over Himself

In the competitive world of high school football, there are sometimes abrupt coaching exits like the one that happened at Madison High. But what shocked people most was not simply how the coach left, but why.

After an embarrassing 67-0 loss to neighboring Reynolds to open their season, Madison High football coach Tracy Jackson abruptly resigned. Officials had to end the game prematurely following a physical altercation between Jackson and one of his players.

Following the incident, Jackson remained quiet for more than a week about the reasoning for his departure. But later, when asked by a local reporter covering the scene, Jackson elaborated.

"I left because I didn't feel like I caught their hearts," Jackson said. "I thought it would be better that I detach now before we got too deep into it." He felt that leaving early would give the kids a chance to generate momentum and chemistry with a different coach.

He opined further. “What happened that Friday on the field,” he said, “shouldn't be the story of the school or who the kids are. It doesn't mean I think I'm not a good football coach. I know I am. It's not that the kids were bad. It's just sometimes it doesn't catch."

Though obviously a difficult decision, coach Jackson’s exit has already bore good fruit. Just weeks after defensive coordinator Joe Salvador was subsequently promoted to head coach, the Madison Senators earned their first football win of the year.

Potential Preaching Angles: Jesus denied his own desires for the sake of beloved humanity; as Christians, then, we are called to follow in his footsteps. Being part of Christian community is sharing in the redemptive work of God, stepping either forward or back as God leads us.


Bethany Barnes, “Madison High football coach who suddenly quit explains why” Oregon Live (9-15-18)

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