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NHL Fan Becomes Emergency Goalie

Because of a peculiarity in professional hockey, the fate of the Chicago Blackhawks in their scrum against the Winnipeg Jets was decided by a fan who was called into emergency goalie service.

Scott Foster, a 36-year-old accountant, hadn't played a hockey game against serious competition in over a decade, but because of his background as a goalie for Western Michigan University, he'd been designated as an "emergency goalie," an honor that usually just results in free food in the press box. It wasn't Foster's first time in the role, but when rookie goalie Collin Delia- himself substituting for regular injured goalie Anton Forsburg-was injured in the 3rd period, Foster was called into service. He literally walked down from the stands, put on his gear, and took to the ice.

"The initial shock happened when I had to dress and then I think you just kind of black out after that," Foster said. "I don't think I heard anything other than 'Put your helmet on.'"

Whatever mental zone Foster entered as he took the ice, it was effective. He stopped all seven shots attempted, earned the team belt (an honor reserved for the game's best player), and set social media ablaze with tweets and posts from fans and analysts who could not believe he had never played professionally before.

"This is something that no one can ever take away from me," Foster said. "It's something that I can go home and tell my kids."

Potential Preaching Angles: Even if others overlook you, God has a mission in mind—even for unlikely disciples. God uses everything to prepare us, even when we don't feel ready.

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