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Wife in Disbelief as Living Husband Pronounced Dead in Hospital

Tammy Cleveland was determined to hold onto her husband, even after one medical professional told her, incorrectly, that her husband was dead. Tammy's husband Michael had been out shopping at a local supermarket when he collapsed after going into cardiac arrest. Despite being only 46 years old with no history of heart problems, ER doctor Gregory Perry pronounced him dead less than an hour later. It was only after the coroner came to retrieve the body and noticed that Michel was still moving that the doctor was paged to come reassess his conclusion. Dr. Perry later came back and ordered a transfer to the intensive care unit at Buffalo General Medical, where he died the following morning after a procedure that attempted to open a blocked artery.

Ahead of her upcoming wrongful death suit, CBS News medical contributor Dr. Tara Narula spoke with Tammy Cleveland. "When you first walked in the room, what was your first observation of Michael?" Dr. Narula asked. Tammy answered, "That Michael wasn't dead. He was following me with his eyes. It wasn't just an involuntary thing. I mean, he looked right at me."

Tammy's father also added, "I walked in the room and looked at him and said, 'This guy is definitely not dead. I've seen dead bodies before, and this wasn't it."

Potential Preaching Angles: (1) Easter, Resurrection—Eventually we will all die. Jesus truly died, but unlike Michael Cleveland, Jesus will not die "again." We can share his resurrection life. (2) Death, Mortality—We may be pronounced dead once or twice, but eventually we will all die (Hebrews 9:27).

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