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Miami Business Owner Rents Autos for Guns

Rashawn Welch was tired of all the violence in his city, so he used his resources to generate a creative solution. Welch's company, 305 Elite, is offering a free night out in one of his high-end luxury cars to anyone who turns in a gun. Welch says he came up with the idea after he kept noticing many of his clients getting involved with violence and street life—a lifestyle he knows well, having spent five years in prison himself.

"I'm just trying to get (guns) off the street, no matter what."

Welch is fueled by the optimism that his experience will give him credibility with the young people he's trying to reach. He's also hoping that his offer will be more effective than traditional gun buyback programs.

"Why would I turn in a gun for a $200 gift card at Target when I could sell it on the street for $500? It doesn't make sense." Welch is convinced his lavish stable of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and other opulent vehicles will be a sufficient incentive for a positive choice.

"When I pull up, all the young men say 'Who are you and what do you do?' I can use the car to get their attention."

It's a mission to stop gun violence, one shocked stare at a time.

Potential Preaching Angles: Desperate times call for creative solutions. Tools of violence can become tools for redemption.

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