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Ham Flavored Ice Cream Debuts in New Jersey

A dairy farm and creamery is turning heads and furrowing brows with the release of a summer-only flavor that recalls a favorite New Jersey delicacy—pork rolls.

Windy Brow Farms announced in April their newest flavor of ice cream: Taylor Ham, which contains flecks of French toast to go along with the actual ham. As part of their social media campaign, they responded to several users who asked why it wasn't simply called "pork roll" flavor, a query to which they responded, "It doesn't market very well."

The family-owned farm originally opened in the late nineteenth-century as a fruit farm, but later switched to dairy after a devastating fire in 1940. The current ownership duo, Jim and Linda Hunt, have been the proprietors since 2000, and their son Jake opened the creamery in 2013.

The flavor's release is part of the creamery's fifth anniversary, and part of an attempt to find flavors that represented New Jersey's unique culinary scene. Taylor Ham joins other flavors with farm-fresh ingredients like Baked Apple & Goat Cheese, Maple Bacon, and Roasted Pumpkin.

Potential Preaching Angle: What's unclean to you is clean to someone else, don't let your cultural background prevent you from enjoying God's creation

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