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Hundreds Volunteer for Breakfast-With-Dads Event

Kristina Dove is a volunteer event coordinator at Billy Earl Dade Middle School in Dallas, Texas. She helped to spearhead a "Breakfast with Dads" event at the school, where students are encouraged to bring their fathers, or people who are father figures, to school for breakfast.

"It's a way to engage the students' families during the school day," says Dove. "It's especially important for middle school students."

So when Dove found out that nearly 150 of Dade's eleven-to-thirteen-year-old students were not expecting to have their fathers in attendance, she decided to put the word out. She posted a request for volunteers on Facebook, hoping to get fifty.

Instead, hundreds of people responded overnight. Within a few days, she'd reached over four hundred men interested in mentoring, and at the day of the actual event, over 600 showed up.

Event photographer Stephanie Drenka told an ABC News reporter that she was so moved by the display, "I started crying behind my camera."

One of Drenka's iconic photos showed a man clad in a black suit jacket, festooned with a simple, powerful message:

"Our sons matter."

Potential Preaching Angles: God calls us to stand in the gap when others won't, you don't have to be a parent to have a positive impact on a child, fathers are necessary for an upright family, even if you can't see them, God prepares people to do the right thing when called upon.

Joi-Marie McKenzie, "Hundreds of men show up for Dallas school's 'Breakfast with Dads' event" ABC News (1-08-18)

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