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Tiny Bird Senses Severe Storm Coming and Flees

Science Daily reported on the ability of certain birds to sense storms coming and to protect themselves:

In East Tennessee there's a bird known as the Golden Winged Warbler. These birds started doing something unusual after giving birth to their chicks—they started fleeing their nests. The discovery was made by accident while researchers were testing whether the warblers, which weigh "less than two nickels," could carry geolocators on their backs. It turns out they can, and much more. With a big storm brewing, the birds took off from their breeding ground in the Cumberland Mountains of eastern Tennessee, where they had only just arrived, for an unplanned migratory event. All told, the warblers travelled 900 miles in five days to avoid the tornado-producing storms. Golden-winged warblers apparently knew in advance that a storm was coming, according to a report in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on December 18. The birds left the scene well before devastating supercell storms blew in.

Scientists believe that there's some kind of infrasound frequency that alerts them that the storms are coming. They had something that we don't have many times—a warning. One of the researchers commented that the birds' "behavior presumably costs the birds some serious energy and time they should be spending on reproducing."

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Negative—This is not the way to deal with conflict or trouble. Sometimes we need to stay and work through the storms of life rather than run away. (2) Positive—We could learn a lesson from these birds: if we know that the storms of judgment are coming, we should find a refuge.

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