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SWAT Prank Results in Shooting Death

Police in Glendale, Calif. recently arrested Tyler Barriss, 25, for his role in placing a false 911 call that resulted in the fatal officer-involved shooting of Andrew Finch, 28, in Wichita, Kan.

Analysts are calling it the latest in a string of so-called "swatting" pranks, where false criminal scenarios are reported to 911 dispatchers in an attempt to induce SWAT teams to appear at addresses where no crimes are occurring. "SWATting" is especially rampant in online gaming communities, and authorities reported that the call was the result of an escalated disagreement between Bariss and a fellow gamer (Gamer #1) in a Call of Duty match.

Sources close to the situation say that another video gamer (Gamer #2) told Barriss to prank Gamer #1. Gamer #2 provided Barriss with an incorrect address for Gamer #1, which led the police to the address of Andrew Finch, who had nothing to do with the argument or video gaming. Then because of Barriss' fraudulent call, police in Wichita responded to the address where an officer fatally shot Finch.

Upon extradition to Kansas, Barriss will likely face felony charges for his role in the prank.

Potential Preaching angles: Even small decisions to spite people or get revenge can have worse consequences than we ever imagine.

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