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Political Opponents Finish Debate by Making Music Together

At the end of their debate earlier this year, two candidates for a Vermont state House seat asked the moderator for a few extra minutes—not to make last-second appeals for votes, but rather to make a little music. Lucy Rogers, the Democrat, grabbed her cello, while Zac Mayo, the Republican, picked up his guitar. They started performing "Society" by Eddie Vedder, much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. "It strikes a chord," Mayo told CBS News. "To say to the world that this is a better way."

Rogers and Mayo agreed early on while campaigning in Lamoille County that they were going to be civil and treat each other with respect throughout the race. When Rogers asked Mayo if he wanted to play a song with her, he thought it was a fantastic idea—as did the voters who attended the debate.

Possible Preaching Angles:

This is a powerful example of people who can disagree without being disagreeable. Church members who disagree should take note and also demonstrate this attitude to one another as the world is watching.


Steve Hartman, “Political rivals stun voters with unexpected duet” CBS News: The Uplift (10-19-18)

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