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Man Blames Drunken Accident on Losing Football Team

Officers filed charges of driving while intoxicated against Christopher Greyshock, a resident of West Milford, after his rear-end collision into another vehicle injured a woman. When officers initially encountered Greyshock, they found him “staggering and swaying, unable to walk straight, and in danger of falling onto the highway.”

That, combined with the strong smell of alcohol on his breath, prompted a field sobriety test, which he promptly failed by registering a blood alcohol level of 0.13, well beyond the state legal limit of 0.08. The open bottle of whiskey that police found in his car just served as further confirmation.

What was Greyshock’s excuse for drinking? During the field sobriety test, he was quoted as saying, “I drunk too much because the [New York] Jets suck.” And while his actions behind the wheel were wrong, his analysis of the pro football team was spot-on. The NY Jets were defeated by the Buffalo Bills by an embarrassing final score of 41-10.

Potential Preaching Angles:

Drinking to cope with misery is a common tactic, but ultimately we are all responsible for our choices. Blaming a poor choice on another person just makes the problem worse.


David Moye, “New Jersey Man Blames DWI On the New York Jets,” The Huffington Post (11-14-18)

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