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NTSB Issues Warning for Potentially Unsafe Video Challenge

A song ("In My Feelings") by superstar rapper Drake spawned a video challenge where people record footage of themselves dancing to the song. But some people have taken the challenge too far. Some fans have recorded themselves jumping out of the driver seat of their cars, dancing on the road while the car slowly rolls along. (Hip-hop circles used to call this "ghost riding the whip.") The National Traffic & Safety Board has even reminded these fans to stay safe on the road.

Ironically, Florida man Jaylen Norwood planned to do the opposite in his attempt. Stepping out of his stationary car, he planned to have a friend slowly drive up to him while dancing, enabling him to continue dancing as he jumped onto the other car's hood. But the friend drove up too quickly, and Norwood slipped on an oil spill before the oncoming car clobbered him. The video went viral on Instagram, landing Norwood on a segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In the aftermath of Norwood's viral video and many others like it, a spokesman for the National Traffic & Safety Board issued a statement. "Here's a reminder we thought we'd never have to give: Don't jump out of a moving vehicle to dance in the street." Another official agreed. "This is unsafe driving behavior that could lead to crashes and potential injuries and death."

After having survived the brief scare that left him mostly unharmed, Kimmel challenged Norwood's reckless behavior. "You risked your life for a meme!"

"It was worth it," Norwood responded. "I'm the most famous guy in Florida."

Potential Preaching Angles: (1) Even if done with innocent motives, foolishness is dangerous. Part of becoming a trustworthy member of society is learning to exercise good judgment. (2) Fame—We do foolish things in God's eyes just to become famous in people's eyes.

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