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Does Success and Fame Fill Our Emptiness?

Does wealth, fame, and success fill the emptiness in the human heart? Two contemporary celebrities who seemed to have everything have shared a similar truth.

First, Thom Yorke, frontman of the band Radiohead, said , "I thought when I got to where I wanted to be, everything would be different. I'd be somewhere else. I thought it'd be all white fluffy clouds. And then I got there. And I'm still here." When the interviewer asked, "Why, in the end, have you done what you've done?" Yorke replied, "It's filling the hole, that's all anyone does."

"What happens to the hole?" the interviewer said. After a long pause, Yorke said, "It's still there."

More recently, when NBA superstar Kevin Durant was asked about his spike in technical fouls and ejections, Durant said, "It's just my emotions and passion for the game … After winning that championship, I learned that much hadn't changed. I thought it would fill a certain [void]. It didn't."

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