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Looking for Stress Relief in a 'Rage Room'

An amusement facility in Canada has created a "Rage Room" in which guests can relieve stress by smashing things. Thundrdome Amusements in Calgary provides golf clubs, sledgehammers, pipes, and baseball bats to guests so they can release their frustrations by breaking office equipment and other items. "You go in and get to smash stuff," says director Punteha Farzadmanesh. "We provide full-blown protective gear. You wear a face mask, chest protector, coveralls, gloves, and you must have closed-toe shoes."

In addition to providing stress relief and anger management, spending time in the Rage Room can also help promote a healthy lifestyle, he said. "You're in the room for 45 minutes, smashing all these items. You come out of the room, and you'll be sweating. And you'll feel better." Guests are also welcome to bring their own items. "A lot of people with desk jobs are excited to smash printers," Farzadmanesh said. Packages begin at about $20 per person.

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