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Robin Hood Foundation Born from a Simple Act of Kindness

In Chase The Lion, Mark Batterson tells the story of billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, the founder of the Tudor Investment Corporation, who has consistently defied financial gravity by earning positive returns for twenty-eight consecutive years. But in 1986 Jones adopted a sixth-grade class at an underperforming public school in New York City. Despite his guaranteeing a college scholarship for every high school graduate, only one-third of those kids got their high school diplomas. But that failure merely fueled his passion to fight poverty. Instead of giving up the fight, Jones started the Robin Hood Foundation. Since its inception in 1988, Robin Hood has channeled $1.45 billion to the cause Jones cares so deeply about. Fortune magazine has called the Robin Hood Foundation "one of the most innovative and influential philanthropic organizations of our time."

Paul Tudor Jones is as competitive as they come. He's a fighter (and even a former welterweight boxing champion). But there's also another side to his personality. The driving engine of his life is one act of kindness. When he was a child, Jones was at an outdoor vegetable market with his mother one day and got lost. Jones recalls how one small act of kindness changed his life:

When you're four years old, your mother is everything. And this extraordinarily kind, very old, very tall black man came over and said, "Don't worry. We're going to find your momma. Don't cry, we're going to find her. You're going to be happy in a minute."
You never forget stuff like that. God's every action, those little actions become so much bigger, and then they become multiplicative. We forget how important the smallest action can be. For me, I think, it kind of spawned a lifetime of trying to always repay that kindness.

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