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How Actor Anthony Hopkins Memorizes Scripts

In an interview, actor Anthony Hopkins said that when he gets a movie script, he reads through it between one hundred and two hundred times before production. He makes notes in the margins. He scribbles and doodles and imagines how it would look on stage or screen. By the time Hopkins is finished, that script is internalized. He knows his character. He knows his (and everyone else's) lines. He's able to improvise, and he's a personification of the script.

If a Hollywood actor reads a script a hundred times, why can't I read a book in the Bible a hundred times? Here's an example. Nancy selected the book of James and started reading it over and over. James takes fewer than ten minutes to read. As Nancy got into the project and the days passed, she began to see how certain themes emerged and repeated in the book. She began to get a sense of the author's personality and convictions. Nancy became so familiar with this epistle she could think through it with her eyes closed, and she began looking at her everyday life through the practical lens of its contents.

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