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5,000-Year-Old Lunch Box Emerges from the Ice

There is a bit of good news about global warming, at least according to archeologists. As the glaciers recede, they are releasing some of the human artifacts that they have absorbed through the ages, including humans themselves. Ötzi, the five-thousand-year-old mummified mountaineer discovered in 1991, remains the most astonishing find. An article in The New Yorker lists some of the other amazing artifacts left behind:

Medieval crossbow bolts, coins of Roman vintage, a pair of twenty-six-hundred-year-old socks. In July, an employee of a Swiss ski company came across the mummified remains of a couple who had gone missing in 1942; they were found fully dressed, with their wartime identity cards, backpacks, an empty bottle, a pocket watch, and a book.

Most recently in the Alps, scientists discovered a "lunch box" or "mini-fridge" from the Bronze Age that "enabled these early commuters to transform the alpine environment into their workplace."

Possible Preaching Angles: Character; Integrity; Legacy—Your life is like the iceberg: you will leave a trail of "artifacts" (character traits, stories, relationships, ways you blessed or ways you hurt others). What will you leave behind?

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