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At Life's End it's Not About Tech but Relationships

At Life's End it's Not About Tech but Relationships

Andy Crouch shares this touching story: A few years ago I had the great gift of being invited into the bedroom of my friend David Sacks, born in 1968 just like me but brought to the end of his life by cancer that, by the time it was discovered, had erupted throughout his body. After a glorious and grace-filled year of life made possible by medical treatment, David's illness outran the drugs. In his last days he lay on his bed. His body was ...

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Ronald Hawkins

November 15, 2017  3:03pm

Wow... very powerful. Deeply ministered to me. Look forward to using it.

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Jerry Hutchings

November 04, 2017  7:58pm

Wonderful illustration for my message from Acts 2: 42-47 "The First Community to Learn from Jesus." I used it to conclude the message. Powerful.

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