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Fan Buys World Series Tickets for $9

The World Series, one of the most coveted sporting events to attend in the world, ordinarily fetches a high price per ticket. Often, "standing room only" tickets can go for hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of dollars. That's why, when Los Angeles Dodgers fan Jordan Benedict saw a pair of $9 tickets to the 2017 World Series on the online ticket marketplace Stubhub, he snatched them up quickly before checking to see why they would be so cheap. "I was like what?! So I had to buy them, like who knows what is going to happen?" he told reporters afterwards. As he suspected, Stubhub reached out to him to let him know that the pricing was indeed a mistake, and requested a return of the tickets. However, the Dodgers fan wasn't out of luck. The company found him a pair of seats elsewhere-and still honored the $9 price. "I was like 'I won, this is incredible … the energy in the stadium was amazing.'"

Potential Preaching Angles: Sometimes it can feel like the most exciting opportunities in life are reserved for those with the money to pay for them. But when the opportunity comes along to experience one cheaply or even for free, there's rarely any questioning involved—of course you want to go! How much more is the same true in the case of our access to eternity through Jesus. Technically, the glories of heaven ought to be reserved for those who have earned them. Of course, no one but Jesus Christ fits that description, but through his payment of our debt on the cross, he invites us into glory—completely for free.

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