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Students' Plan to Steal Final Exam Goes Wrong

Finals are finishing up at schools across the country, and for one University of Kentucky student, the stress of a statistics exam was enough to get him to break into his professor's office in the middle of the night—by climbing through the air duct, no less.

"It was a simple plan," reports The New York Times. "A college student would crawl through an air duct at a building housing an instructor's office in the wee hours, lower himself from the ceiling and, with the help of a cohort, steal a copy of the final exam for a statistics class."

But things didn't quite turn out that way. Turns out the statistics professor, John P. Cain, "was working very late" and had stepped out of his office to go get food. He came back to find his door blocked and unable to open, and when he "yelled out that he was going to call the police, [two] students burst from the office and ran down the hall."

The student who had crawled through the air duct, Henry Lynch II, had let a fellow student, Troy Kiphuth, into the office once he'd crawled in via the duct—"[i]t's not clear how long the two were in the office before Mr. Cain returned from his late-night meal." Both students now face charges of felony burglary.

Potential Preaching Angles: While we may not be crawling through air ducts during our own less-than-honorable pursuits, what are the ways in which we try to cut corners instead of trusting God with the difficulties of daily life?

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