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Man Receives $100 Million Utility Bill

Utility bills can cause unwelcome surprises from time to time, but "unwelcome" might be a less sufficient description for one man than "impossible." Kieran Healy of Raleigh, North Carolina received notification of his upcoming water bill recently, which at first appeared normal with a $189.92 charge. But then he saw the additional service charge, which tacked on an additional $99,999,999 to the bill. Apparently confident that he hadn't used that much water the previous month, Healy jokingly asked his water provider on Twitter if he could make installment payments on the balance. The company issued a hurried apology, citing an error in the software of a third party company that helps send out payment reminders.

Potential Preaching Angles: The idea of a $100,000,000 debt might be difficult to grasp for many people due to its size. Yet, compared to the debt paid by Jesus Christ on our behalf, $100,000,000 simply seems inconsequential.

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