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Parents of Slain Trayvon Martin Heal Through Prayer and Helping Others

Five years after 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman in 2012, Time magazine interviewed his parents, Sybrina and Tracy, who wrote a book about their ordeal, Rest in Power. The Martins told Time that they wrote their story to "encourage another family that has gone through the loss of a child." Trayvon's father Tracy shares that he has a hole in his heart, and he is "still healing through helping others." Tracy still laments: "[My] son was unarmed, and he was a 17-year-old and he didn't deserve to die in that manner. We missed out on the rest of his life. When you lose a child, it is a different type of pain, a different type of hurt. You never get over it."

Then the interviewer asked, "You have a deep faith in God and trust in Scripture. How has your faith changed since Trayvon's death?" Tracy Martin said, "There is only one way to come out of that dark place, and that is the power of prayer. I've heard people say we were a chosen family. I don't believe that; I just believe that God doesn't make mistakes.

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