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New York Governor Becomes Good Samaritan to Stranded Driver

In a series of weeks in which the Northeast corner of the United States has been pummeled by severe winter weather, minor car accidents and stranded drivers have become commonplace scenery along even the busiest of roads. In seasons such as this with such a high volume of motor incidents, the delay to receive roadside assistance can be simply unmanageable, leaving one's best hope to call friends or family to help.

One New York driver, however, recently received a visit from a Good Samaritan as he tried to extract his car from a snowy roadside ditch. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (with his motorcade) saw the vehicle and pulled off the road to assist the stranded driver. They attached cables to one of the SUV's in the motorcade and successfully pulled the man to freedom. In thanking the governor for his help, the unsuspecting driver asked innocently, "What's your name?" Cuomo's chief of staff, Melissa DeRosa, made sure they tweeted out pictures of the snow rescue.

Potential Preaching Angles: Hats off to Governor Cuomo for a kind deed, but followers of Jesus know that our Good Samaritan efforts most likely will not get tweeted out (they will remain anonymous), the media won't pick up the story (it may be a secret between us and God), and we won't have a motorcade to help us out (we may have to do it at personal cost and risk).

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