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New Year's Resolutions Help Sharpen Our Focus

In his book A Journey to Bethlehem, Jason Soroski offers the following definitions of a resolution:

Resolution. Webster defines the word as being "marked by firm determination." The word dominates every New Year's Eve.
To the musician, a "resolution" is a harmony line moving from a dissonant tone (one that does not fit the melody) to a consonant tone (one that fits). Harmonies can dance and amaze us with varied complexities for a while, but they must eventually resolve.
To the writer, a resolution is the end of a story, the final element of a twisting plot wrought with conflict, finally resolved to an ending where all is well.
To the chemist, it is the separation of a chemical compound back into its constituents, or simplest parts.
To the statesman, it is an expression of the determined will of an elected body.
To the graphic artist, it is the sharpness of the pixel count on a screen, and the quality of the image produced.
By any definition, a Resolution is characterized by a return to simplicity, a focus on sharp definition and determination, broken down to its simplest, most harmonious parts. Without resolution, art, science, government, and life in general all fall into chaos. Without resolution, there is no foundation on which to stand.

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  • Percent of Americans who infrequently make New Year's Resolutions—17%
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