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Lamppost Airbags Protect 'Smartphone Zombies'

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Lamppost Airbags Protect 'Smartphone Zombies'

The city of Salzburg in Austria is implementing some creative measures to protect public safety from oblivious pedestrians staring at their smartphones. The city's Board for Traffic Safety (KFV) said that nearly 40 percent of the injured pedestrians involved in accidents were injured because they were distracted by a smartphone device. "… Pedestrians are involved in more accidents in the city than anyone else on the streets, including cyclists, moped drivers, and car drivers."

"Smartphone zombies," as they have been referred to, are a common problem in many highly trafficked areas around the world. Honolulu just signed a law that bans pedestrians from looking at their smartphones while crossing the street, thus becoming the first city in America to pass a law aimed at reducing injuries and deaths associated with distracted walking.

The KFV in Austria has a more novel way to deal with the issue of distracted pedestrians: install large airbags around street-side lampposts that urge pedestrians to stay alert. The bags serve a double purpose. They may actually protect some people from absentmindedly wandering "smack" into a lamp post. But the messaging on the airbags reinforces the need for pedestrians to stay vigilant while walking the busy streets. Roughly translated, the airbags read: "Will the next car also be so well padded?"

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Distractions; Attention—There are so many things that distract our attention and cause us to wander. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Christians were so wholeheartedly fixated on prayer, scripture, and Jesus? (2) New Year's Day—How will you pay attention to Christ in the year ahead?

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