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Indian Army Sets World Record with 58 Men on One Motorcycle

In an audacious display of teamwork, 58 Indian Army Service Corp (ASC) soldiers set a world record when they collectively rode one motorcycle in excess of 1200 meters. On a runway of Yelehanka Air Force Station outside Bengaluru, driver Subedar Rampal Yadav piloted a 500 cc Royal Enfield specially engineered with a massive platform to accommodate Major Bunny Sharma and his platoon, bedecked in the national colors of saffron, white and green.

Nicknamed the Tornadoes, this ASC stunt team is internationally known for their feats of derring-do. They currently hold 19 different world and national records, and with this latest ride they broke their own previous record of 56 men, set back in 2010. It was formed in 1982, for the purpose of touring to promote national integration and adventurism.

The combination of balance, coordination and cohesion required for such an endeavor does not necessarily come easily. Only after twice wiping out — in spectacular fashion, no less - did the team make a successful third attempt.

Potential Preaching Angles: It's amazing what you can accomplish when you work together, true teamwork requires humility (like sacrificing desires or like personal space), future-oriented leadership requires a higher point of view

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