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'When I Died': 22 Year Old Fitness Intern Shares Her Story

It's not every day you hear a story starting with "when I died," but that's how 22-year-old Amber Moloney remembers February 6th. Moloney, a university senior studying exercise science, was one of three fitness interns at Hilton Head Health this semester. And just like every other day the interns (Moloney, Audra Weis, and Shane Wilson) went through their daily routine, leading fitness classes before working out together before dinner.

But on this day, something went wrong. In the middle of their workout, Weis, noticed Moloney in the opposite corner "moving weird," she said. Moloney collapsed "face down in a pile of dumbbells," Wilson recalled. He immediately turned Moloney over, exposing her "bright blue face" and moving her away from the equipment.

As Wilson quickly began performing CPR, Weis dialed 911. Moloney began coughing and spitting up foam but remained unresponsive, so Wilson continued his compressions. When the EMTs arrived in less than six minutes, Moloney had a heartbeat. But, moments later, Moloney's heart stopped again, so they used a defibrillator and shocked her about four times. The next thing Moloney remembers is waking up on the fitness room floor with about four EMTs towering over her.

The ambulance then rushed Moloney to the hospital. After a week Moloney had surgery to have a defibrillator implanted to prevent similar cardiac arrests in the future. Aside from a three-inch scar near her heart, you would not guess by looking at her that Moloney went into sudden cardiac arrest less than three months ago.

A few weeks after her "when I died" experience, Moloney attended the inaugural South Carolina Resuscitation Conference on Hilton Head Island, where she shared her story as a cardiac arrest survivor.

Possible Preaching Angles: Amber Moloney unexpectedly died one day in February but was brought back to life by her friends. Believers died the day we came to faith in Christ (Romans 6:1-4) and we continue to die every day as we pick up our cross and follow him (Luke 9:23)

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