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International Justice Mission's Prayer Priority

The Christian human rights group International Justice Mission (IJM) sets a powerful example of weaving habits of prayer into their daily practices. Every staff member spends the first 30 minutes of the workday in silence—for prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection. IJM also gathers staff for 30 minutes of daily corporate prayer, in addition to hosting quarterly offsite spiritual retreats and providing employees with an annual day for private spiritual retreat.

This commitment may seem extravagant, especially in the nonprofit sector. But IJM CEO Gary Haugen believes "prayerless striving" leads only to exhaustion. "I have learned just how crucial it is to settle my soul in the presence of Jesus every morning," said Haugen, who has worked for two decades to combat human trafficking and other forms of violence against the poor. "Even though it is tempting to hurry into our work, we intentionally still ourselves and connect with our maker: the God who delights in restoring and encouraging his children."

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