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German Police Hunt for Chocolate Thieves

"Anyone offered large quantities [of chocolate] via unconventional channels should report it to the police immediately." That's a real statement given by real police in Germany recently, after a truck's refrigerated trailer—filled with more than 20 tons of Nutella, Kinder candy, and more—was stolen.

According to NPR's The Two-Way, "police in Neustadt believe the confections stolen over the weekend could be worth upward of $80,000 … [a]nd a 'spokesman told local media the perpetrators would have needed a truck of their own, not just a car, to be able to tow such heavy cargo.'"

This bitter loss comes on the heels of another sugary theft: "Another trailer, this one packed with 30 tons of fruit juice, disappeared from Wittenberg" within the same weekend.

Potential Preaching Angles: We might laugh at a story like this—"Someone stole 20 tons of chocolate? Really?!"—but think about the extremes we might go to to justify our own desires, to follow our own cravings that the world may tell us are just and right. Let this proverb come to our minds in such times: "Food gained by fraud tastes sweet, / but one ends up with a mouth full of gravel" (Prov. 20:17).

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