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3 Facts about Easter in America

The Acton Institute blog collected some interesting stats about Easter:

  • In 2015, more Americans searched for "church" on Google in the week leading up to Easter Sunday (April 5) than any other week in the year. (When including the word "service"—so that the full search term is "church service"—Christmas overtakes Easter, though the two remain high above the rest in terms of search activity throughout the year.)
  • The major television networks also pay attention to these trends, which is why two of the four big networks—ABC and NBC—ran overtly Christian programming during the primetime slot on their Easter Sunday schedule last year.
  • Easter spending—projected to break records at more than 17 billion dollars this year—is also significant, though not necessarily religiously motivated. Americans even spend more on candy for Easter than for Halloween. The average American celebrating Easter is expected to spend $28.11 on candy this year.

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