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Horses Know How to Ask Humans for Help

Did you know that when horses have a problem they can't solve themselves, they're not above asking their human friends for help. That's the conclusion of scientists from Kobe University in Japan. In a study published in the always-exciting journal Animal Cognition, the researchers found some interesting results.

Here's how the experiment worked. First, the researchers placed carrots in a bucket inaccessible to the horses. Then, a human caretaker would arrive. The researchers observed that the horses displayed certain behaviors that could be interpreted as asking the human for help: Standing near the human, looking at them, touching and even pushing them. They did these things more frequently than in a control group where no carrots were hidden.

They found that hiding carrots in a bucket that was maddeningly inaccessible to horses prompted the animals to ask for assistance. When human caretakers who were unaware of the hidden food placement came on scene, the horses in the test lingered near them, looking at them and even nudging them, as if to say: "Errm, that bucket over there has some carrots in it! Little help?"

Possible Preaching Angles: Some of us could learn a lesson from horses—it's okay to ask for help, especially from a superior being—in our case, the ultimate, infinite superior being—the Living God.

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