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Clint Eastwood Admits His Regrets

In an interview with Esquire, the actor and film director Clint Eastwood and his son Scott both agreed that they never look back on life. When Esquire asked, "Clint, if you were going to look at your life as material, how would you describe the narrative?" the senior Eastwood said, "I don't look at my life too much. I'm always looking forward, not backward. A lot of times people get to a certain age and they quit." The younger Eastwood agreed, chiming in, "I just do what he does: Keep moving forward. You can't look back or think about that kind of stuff too much. You just keep making movies …"

But later in the interview, as soon as Scott left the room, Clint Eastwood offered a different take on not looking back on life. In a moment of utter candor, the elder Eastwood confessed:

You always wonder if you could've done more. You could've spent a little more time with [my son], a little more attention. I had that regret when my dad died. Because it was sudden. I didn't know; it wasn't like he had an ailment or something. I used to live close enough to him that I could've dropped in a lot more. I never did and I was busy, always busy, doing all the films.

Possible Preaching Angles: As much as we try, we cannot avoid living life without some regrets and without the need for forgiveness.

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